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Welcome to Altius

Tyler's Home for Women's Championship  Gymnastics

     My name is Dr. Stacey Rudd and I would like to take you on a tour of Altius Gymnastics and our new program -- The Altius Project. 

     The Altius Project is a program designed to uncover talent, develop that talent, and allow young girls the opportunity to become their best. 

     You see, I believe that everyone possesses God-given abilities, that everyone's "ability toolbox" is different which is why each of us is so totally unique, and that we all have a responsibility to "give back" to God by developing and utilizing our abilities to as high a level as possible. 

     But unlike every other gymnastics facility on the planet, I am not interested in seeing how many students I can enroll just to maximize income. I am looking for eight young future athletes! 


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