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     The Altius Project within Altius Gymnastics refers to two different but related goals. First is the careful training of gymnasts so that each one may fulfill her potential and reach the highest level of achievement that her unique ability set will allow. This will be accomplished by carefully evaluating our future champions to help insure that they will not face limitations in their ongoing success. Other steps to insure your daughter's success include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

     1). evaluations will occur frequently to insure your daughter does not get behind in her training,

     2). your child will be trained by me, the owner/head coach. I cannot think of another gymnastics school anywhere where the head coach teaches the "new kids",

     3). there will be no negativity in the children's training. If a grown up whom a child is taught to respect EVER berates a child or yells at them or in any way makes them feel "less" than they are, then that coach shows a lack of knowledge and creativity in the teaching process and should immediately consider a career change. 

     4). Numerous other policy-related steps to insure long-term growth and success will be covered by video later on.

The Altius Project

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